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2020 Cottage Food Bills

Bill Status: Enacted Passed In Progress Failed
District of Columbia B23-01922020 Cottage FoodEnacted

Cottage Food Expansion Amendment Act of 2019

District of Columbia B23-02692020 Cottage FoodEnacted

Health Care Reporting Amendment Act of 2019

Maryland HB 10172020 Cottage FoodEnacted
Mississippi HB 3262020 Cottage FoodEnacted
New York Rule Change2020 Cottage FoodEnacted

Allowed indirect sales (through retail stores, restaurants, etc) and removed restrictions on custom-ordered products (wedding cakes, birthday cakes, custom cookies, etc)

North Dakota Lawsuit2020 Food FreedomEnacted

5 plaintiffs, along with help from the Institute for Justice, successfully sued the ND Health Department for undermining the food freedom law. The judge determined that the health department had intentionally ignored and undermined the law when they published their rules. After the judge’s ruling, the original food freedom law was restored.

South Dakota HB 11252020 Cottage FoodEnacted

Removed the $5k sales limit for sales at home, and allowed the producer or someone living with them to deliver products. Specified that the producer’s physical address, mailing address, and phone number must be on labels.

Washington FS-20-00012020 Cottage FoodEnacted
Washington HB 22172020 Cottage FoodEnacted
Wyoming HB 842020 Food FreedomEnacted