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Georgia SB 578

Would have allowed micro-restaurants to sell most types of perishable food items from home

Arizona HB 2781

Would have replaced the cottage food law with a food freedom law which would have allowed many types of perishable foods.

Hawaii SB 2888

Would have codified (put into law) Hawaii’s existing cottage food rules. Would have allowed direct, online, and indirect sales of all nonperishable foods. Would have allowed direct sales of perishable foods. Would have implemented a permit process with a fee.

Washington HB 1258

Would have allowed home micro restaurants, similar to California’s MEHKO law

Florida HB 707

Would have allowed micro-restaurants known as “home kitchen operations”.

Rhode Island H 5758

Tried to allow anyone (not just farmers) to sell homemade food products, as well as expand sales venues and allowable products

Alabama HB 12

A simple bill that aimed to add roasted coffee and gluten-free baking mixes to the list of allowed foods. With SB 160 passing, these foods (and many others) became allowed.

Iowa HF 319

Attempted to create a food freedom bill, which mimicked many features of other food freedom laws around the country. However, it would have only applied to farmers.

South Dakota HB 1121

Tried to create a food freedom bill, which would have been similar to some of the best food freedom laws around the country

Washington HB 1258

Tried to allow microenterprise home kitchen operations, similar to California and Utah. It would have let people run mini-restaurants from home, albeit with a lot of restrictions.